Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time to Think About What Just Happened...

The important item to note isn't the passage of the bill; it's the way in which it was passed.

Putting the backroom deals right out in the open and completely ignoring the will of the people, coupled with procedural shenanigans are far more chilling issues to contemplate.

A horribly-corrupt Republic may have some shady things going on, but they will be in the shade.

When the politicians no longer feel the need to even attempt to hide their contempt for the people, that really indicates that the system has moved from "corrupt Republic" to "properly-functioning Tyranny."

November is important.

I have doubts whether there's anything left to save, but if we're even going to do as little as slow the collapse, we need to send a message that the experiment with Tyranny is over.

Most of the incumbents need to be kicked out. Where possible, replaced with better candidates. Where not, they still need to be kicked out.

Chemotherapy is deadly poison, but it treats many cancers where otherwise surgery is the only option.

Putting in slightly-worse candidates may be a bit of "poison," but if that's the only way to remove a cancerous incumbent, it still needs to be done.

Because we all know what "surgery" would entail in this metaphor, and anyone with the least bit of sense is going to do his/her best to avoid that path.

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