Saturday, March 15, 2008


At this time, I'd like to remind each of my readers that any functioning cell-phone can reach 911.

And when I say any cell-phone I mean just that: any functioning cell-phone can be used to contact 911.

If the battery has enough charge to hit a tower, and the phone works, you can dial 911 on it.

Doesn't matter if you cancelled your service -- you can dial 911 on it.

Doesn't matter if your service cancelled your service -- you can dial 911 on the cell-phone.

Doesn't matter if you've never even had a service -- you can still dial 911 on that phone.

Run over your allotted time limit? You can still dial 911.

The cell-phone company got you cut off until you pay them both legs, one arm and your first-born? You can still dial 911.

Yes, you can buy a pay-as-you-go phone -- but never buy any minutes -- and you can still dial 911.

The FCC requires all cell-phone services to route any 911 call to a Public Safety Answering Point regardless of whether the caller subscribes or not.

Thank you for your attention.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

What THEY Don't want you to know...

JERUSALEM (AP) -- A gunman infiltrated a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem and opened fire in a library Thursday night, killing at least seven people, officials said.
Rescue workers said at least 10 people were wounded. Government spokesman Daniel Seaman and police said there was only one gunman though initial reports said there were two....
Yitzhak Dadon, a seminary student, said he was armed with a rifle and waited on the roof of a nearby building during the attack.
"He came out of the library spraying automatic fire. ... The terrorist came to the entrance and I shot him twice in the head," he said.

Funny how the AP news reports here missed that little tidbit and the end and never reported it...

And this one.

JERUSALEM, Israel - One Israeli was killed and six others injured Thursday evening in two separate terrorist attacks in the Jerusalem area.
Two Palestinian terrorists disguised in Israel Defense Forces (IDF) uniforms entered the study hall at Makor Haim High School in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion southeast of Jerusalem.Armed with guns and knives, the terrorists managed to stab several students before armed school counselors arrived and shot them dead.

What is this? Responsible gun carry by - of all people - EDUCATORS and CIVILIAN BY-STANDERS??? Can this be true?

One can only wonder at what the body count might have been had there not been responsible gun carrying civilians on the scene...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

of MICE and MEN

Have we gotten so far from nature that we have lost the ability to fight for our lives?

Last week, Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina ran an emergency response drill. A campus police officer posing as a gunman burst into a classroom, where he proceeded to hold the students hostage and terrorize them with a fake gun for 10 minutes.

Not one of the students fought back.

Not one thought to pick up a chair or a desk, or even a book, to defend themselves. They all lined up against a wall and passively waited for death.

One of the students said, "I was prepared to die at that moment."

Several students say they considered leaping from a window.

A mouse has more courage than that.
Against insurmountable odds, it will growl at you and be prepared to fight, even to its death.

The college students who meekly bared their throats to those who wanted to rip them out are dead already - they just don't know it.

The will to live is life. - never forget that!