Thursday, July 29, 2010

That must have been what he meant by transparency....

The Obama administration is seeking to make it easier for the FBI to compel companies to turn over records of an individual's Internet activity without a court order if agents deem the information relevant to a terrorism or intelligence investigation.

The administration wants to add just four words -- "electronic communication transactional records" -- to a list of items that the law says the FBI may demand without a judge's approval. Government lawyers say this category of information includes the addresses to which an Internet user sends e-mail; the times and dates e-mail was sent and received; and possibly a user's browser history.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It’s what free men did, and do.

Just as state schooling is not about education, but about the state, gun control is not about guns: It’s about control.

A citizen who can fend for himself when the predators come or the schools fail is less inclined to look to the state for sustenance and oversight in other areas of life.

To progressives, that’s an invitation to anarchy.

To the men who wrote the Second Amendment, it was a condition of citizenship in a free republic.

It’s what free men did, and do.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Think of it This Way.....

The U.S. Constitution is about limiting government.

It gives enumerated powers to government and guarantees specific enumerated inalienable rights to individuals...

Friday, July 16, 2010

So much for Gov't Reform!

On this day in 1945, at 5:29:45 a.m., the Manhattan Project comes to an explosive end as the first atom bomb is successfully tested in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

The original $6,000 budget for the Manhattan Project finally ballooned to a total cost of $2 billion.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

State Department Does It Again....

We keep hearing from the left how the Obama Administration is at least neutral on the Second Amendment and private ownership of firearms. Then we get crap like this from said Obama Administration.

The United States is pleased to join the international community in observing International Small Arms Destruction Day as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce armed violence and support the rule of law around the world.
Excess, loosely secured, or otherwise at-risk small arms, light weapons and munitions pose both a security and humanitarian risk worldwide.

I could point out that the contempt shown the U. S. Constitution, our law of the land and a document that as a agency of the United States Government the State Department is bound, by the State Department shows just what they really think about rule of law. Support for the activities of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) also show us where their heart is. Obama, Hilliary, and their ass kissers have no respect for our rights. If they can find a way to strip of our firearms and our rights, they will.
AND WHAT THE HELL IS "Excess"??????

Monday, July 05, 2010

The Spectre of Martial Law....

The Constitution of the United States was drafted as a means to reign in government and force it to respect the freedoms of the people.

It exists to deter the power hungry, for under the Constitution they are supposed to be denied the control they thirst for, not given unrestrained supremacy.

Martial law is a tool by which the power hungry can remove the restraints of the Constitution and cast aside freedoms on a whim.

This is unacceptable no matter the state of affairs.

War, terrorism, economic collapse, environmental catastrophe, none of these events gives anyone the license to usurp our liberties.
It cannot and will not be allowed.

As the 4th of July is celebrated, we here in America should remember what it means to call ourselves a “sovereign people”.
It is a title every man is born with but few men have the strength and fortitude to keep.

“Independence” requires taxing vigilance, a persevering spirit, and the determination to see that neither is tread upon.

Independence has a price.

In the event that we are confronted with martial law in this country, it is a price we may have to pay all over again.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Independance Day

Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Remember where and why it all happened, remember that the battle still rages on today.

The Rights of free people are always at risk when the people don't jealously protect them.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Overheard in a Newsroom...

Reporter, to no one in particular: “If they roll (the late Senator) Byrd over in his casket, is that flipping the Byrd?”

Sports Editor who is unsure if the Netherlands is plural: “I have a question about the Netherlands.”

Copy Chief: “Don’t we all.”

Promo producer: “Getting drunk and detonating shit. That’s how I celebrate America.”
Editor: “Technically a dog is a male, and a bitch is a female.”

Reporter: “In the words of Ice Cube, a bitch is a bitch.”

Digital editor after a conversation about space station supply ship: “It doesn’t sound like we’re in a newsroom. It sounds like we’re on the bridge of the fucking Enterprise.”

Boss to police reporter while protesters were outside the office: “No, I didn’t say you couldn’t go down there I just said you couldn’t spit on them or urinate on them.”

Reporter, trying describe a new dance club to editor: “How do we say ‘stripper pole’ in a family newspaper?”

Tech guy: “You guys have a lot of garbage cans in here.”

Editor: “We used to have a lot more people here.”

Friday, July 02, 2010

Tool Time!

From another site:

A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you had carefully set in the corner where nothing could get to it.

Cleans paint off bolts and then throws them somewhere under the workbench with the speed of light. Also removes fingerprints and hard-earned calluses from fingers in about the time it takes you to say, “Oh, crap!”

A portable cutting tool used to make studs too short.

Used to round off bolt heads. Sometimes used in the creation of blood-blisters.

An electric sanding tool commonly used to convert minor touch-up jobs into major refinishing jobs.

One of a family of cutting tools built on the Ouija board principle… It transforms human energy into a crooked, unpredictable motion, and the more you attempt to influence its course, the more dismal your future becomes.

Generally used after pliers to completely round off bolt heads. If nothing else is available, they can also be used to transfer intense welding heat to the palm of your hand.

Used almost entirely for lighting various flammable objects in your shop on fire. Also handy for igniting the grease inside the wheel hub out of which you want to remove a bearing race.

A large stationary power tool commonly used to launch wood projectiles for testing wall integrity.

Used for lowering an automobile to the ground after you have installed your new brake shoes, trapping the jack handle firmly under the bumper.

A large stationary power saw primarily used by most shops to cut good aluminum sheet into smaller pieces that more easily fit into the trash can after you cut on the inside of the line instead of the outside edge.

A tool for testing the maximum tensile strength of everything you forgot to disconnect.

Normally used to stab the vacuum seals under lids or for opening old-style paper-and-tin oil cans and splashing oil on your shirt; but can also be used, as the name implies, to strip out Phillips screw heads.

A tool for opening paint cans. Sometimes used to convert common slotted screws into non-removable screws and butchering your palms.

A tool used to crumple the metal surrounding that clip or bracket you needed to remove in order to replace a 50 cent part.

A tool used to make hoses too short.

Originally employed as a weapon of war, the hammer nowadays is used as a kind of divining rod to locate the most expensive parts adjacent the object we are trying to hit.

Used to open and slice through the contents of cardboard cartons delivered to your front door; works particularly well on contents such as seats, vinyl records, liquids in plastic bottles, collector magazines, refund checks, and rubber or plastic parts. Especially useful for slicing work clothes, but only while in use.

Any handy tool that you grab and throw across the garage while yelling Son of a b#@*h” at the top of your lungs. It is also, most often, the next tool that you will need.