Wednesday, July 14, 2010

State Department Does It Again....

We keep hearing from the left how the Obama Administration is at least neutral on the Second Amendment and private ownership of firearms. Then we get crap like this from said Obama Administration.

The United States is pleased to join the international community in observing International Small Arms Destruction Day as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce armed violence and support the rule of law around the world.
Excess, loosely secured, or otherwise at-risk small arms, light weapons and munitions pose both a security and humanitarian risk worldwide.

I could point out that the contempt shown the U. S. Constitution, our law of the land and a document that as a agency of the United States Government the State Department is bound, by the State Department shows just what they really think about rule of law. Support for the activities of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) also show us where their heart is. Obama, Hilliary, and their ass kissers have no respect for our rights. If they can find a way to strip of our firearms and our rights, they will.
AND WHAT THE HELL IS "Excess"??????

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