Monday, July 05, 2010

The Spectre of Martial Law....

The Constitution of the United States was drafted as a means to reign in government and force it to respect the freedoms of the people.

It exists to deter the power hungry, for under the Constitution they are supposed to be denied the control they thirst for, not given unrestrained supremacy.

Martial law is a tool by which the power hungry can remove the restraints of the Constitution and cast aside freedoms on a whim.

This is unacceptable no matter the state of affairs.

War, terrorism, economic collapse, environmental catastrophe, none of these events gives anyone the license to usurp our liberties.
It cannot and will not be allowed.

As the 4th of July is celebrated, we here in America should remember what it means to call ourselves a “sovereign people”.
It is a title every man is born with but few men have the strength and fortitude to keep.

“Independence” requires taxing vigilance, a persevering spirit, and the determination to see that neither is tread upon.

Independence has a price.

In the event that we are confronted with martial law in this country, it is a price we may have to pay all over again.

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