Saturday, July 03, 2010

Overheard in a Newsroom...

Reporter, to no one in particular: “If they roll (the late Senator) Byrd over in his casket, is that flipping the Byrd?”

Sports Editor who is unsure if the Netherlands is plural: “I have a question about the Netherlands.”

Copy Chief: “Don’t we all.”

Promo producer: “Getting drunk and detonating shit. That’s how I celebrate America.”
Editor: “Technically a dog is a male, and a bitch is a female.”

Reporter: “In the words of Ice Cube, a bitch is a bitch.”

Digital editor after a conversation about space station supply ship: “It doesn’t sound like we’re in a newsroom. It sounds like we’re on the bridge of the fucking Enterprise.”

Boss to police reporter while protesters were outside the office: “No, I didn’t say you couldn’t go down there I just said you couldn’t spit on them or urinate on them.”

Reporter, trying describe a new dance club to editor: “How do we say ‘stripper pole’ in a family newspaper?”

Tech guy: “You guys have a lot of garbage cans in here.”

Editor: “We used to have a lot more people here.”

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