Saturday, March 08, 2008

of MICE and MEN

Have we gotten so far from nature that we have lost the ability to fight for our lives?

Last week, Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina ran an emergency response drill. A campus police officer posing as a gunman burst into a classroom, where he proceeded to hold the students hostage and terrorize them with a fake gun for 10 minutes.

Not one of the students fought back.

Not one thought to pick up a chair or a desk, or even a book, to defend themselves. They all lined up against a wall and passively waited for death.

One of the students said, "I was prepared to die at that moment."

Several students say they considered leaping from a window.

A mouse has more courage than that.
Against insurmountable odds, it will growl at you and be prepared to fight, even to its death.

The college students who meekly bared their throats to those who wanted to rip them out are dead already - they just don't know it.

The will to live is life. - never forget that!


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