Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Morning American Subjects!

This morning we woke up to a fundamentally different country.

Here's some things to think about.

We are no longer Citizens... like it or not, we've just been made Subjects.

The Government controls our health care, they control us.
They own you...

This can't stand.

Come November these Democrats are going to be glad they have this health care, because they are going to need it.... because they are about to fall on their own swords.
People are very unhappy about this.
People on both sides of the great party divide... it's time for all those people to take action. Actively seek out ways to remove from office anyone that voted for this bill.

The Government just overstepped it's bounds and authority... this is a criminal act.

Show me in the Constitution where it gives the Government the right to order you to buy something... because if you don't buy health insurance now – you will face huge fines.

You could face jail.

Because you didn't buy Insurance. You didn't buy. You didn't spend your own money on what you wanted or needed – you have to buy health insurance. You might go hungry, but now at least you can see a doctor about it.
 - Oh wait... you can't... because now we are going to see Rationing.
The Doctors are going to be busy with people going in for Splinters, Headaches, Gas, or that Liver Spot.
So between the rationing and the people going in for every little thing... your in trouble.

Imagine if the Government said that you have to buy a Government Motors vehicle? If you don't you face fines. Doesn't matter if you needed it or not. If you live downtown and don't need a car... or if you already have a car, you don't have the right car. And if your car has a problem, such as you need new brake pads or tires... you have to buy a Government Motors car... You don't have a choice.

Never mind that there is no way to pay for this Criminal Abuse of Power.
This Nation is looking at bankruptcy.
This nation is going to have to cut back some huge expenditures... such as the Military.

Let's take a look at two nations that have Socialized Health Care. Canada.
They have no ability to project military power to enforce their national policy and protect their overseas interests.
Look at the UK. Very small scale ability... very limited... they can defend themselves but they can't project force independent of the US.
Think we are going to be able to in the future?
We are going to lose our National Strength.
We are going to have to let our Armed Forces atrophy and decay... because we can't afford to keep up our level of strength.

This is going to allow CHINA to become the Number One Super Power.

Congratulations Democrats... Your Criminal Abuse of Power has just RUINED everything that made America Great.

You are going to pay for this. Come November, you are going to be Voted Out.
This health care bill will be undone.

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