Sunday, March 14, 2010

Test Prepared!

Something has been on my mind for quite a while now and since it's a slow day here I thought I would get it off my chest...

There is a prevalent thought in the defense world that you need to turn and put distance between you and your attacker. So prevalent that this has become an acceptable response both amongst instructors and even legislators to where we have become ingrained that our first obligation is to flee.

Think for a second of this scenario whether you are a man or woman.

You come home late at night through the front door, pull the key out of the lock, and walk to the other end of the house. Something doesn't seem right and you look back behind you to see a 6'5" 230lbs male in a ski mask with a 10 inch bladed knife between you and the door.
Before you go into that clearing of the holster of that gun you may or may not be wearing. Break down your own personal mindset here.
The initial sucking in of air and "oh shit" is completely allowed because we all (and I do mean a-l-l) get caught off guard in life - but the next response should be in your head should be:


and by "GO!" I mean you need to have a mind set of being able to Go-straight-at-him with a total intent on leaving him dead on the floor.
Whether you are a man or a woman.
Do you have the mind set to accomplish the task at hand?  Have you practiced or run drills with this scenerio?

You need to!

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