Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time as We Know It....

I occasionally use time travel myself.

I was shopping at a grocery store when a co-worker who happened to be shopping there also came by and asked if that was my brother I had just been talking to. I usually reply with a classy "Huh?" but for some reason I replied "No that's actually me from the future. I've come back to destroy the time machine."

"What time machine?" He demanded.

"The one in the walk in freezer, of course. I'm not going to keep something dangerous like that around the house, you know."

He laughed, and that's when I hit him.

When he asked if I was crazy, I told him, "Look, the last time a guy in a leather diaper was bearing down on you with a giant pitch fork, you told me to hit you if you ever laughed at the idea of time travel."

I swear I don't know why they look at me sideways when I'm at my desk....

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