Monday, November 09, 2009

Situational Awareness

In a way, the USA has been undergoing a series of scaled down, non-religious and apolitical terror events for over 20 years.
After each event, the sheeple bleat for stricter gun control laws.
Until now the perpetrators were disgruntled employees (hence the term "going postal") or had heads full of bad wiring.

No more.

The Ft. Hood Massacre involved radical Islam and, IMHO, an individual who did not want to be a part of having harm come to his brothers in the Mideast.

So he killed and wounded his brothers and sisters in arms!

When someone asked a Fort Hood spokesman why there was no soldier with a gun among the crowd to stop the religious fanatic, the spokesman almost indignantly replied that they didn’t need to be armed, because at the base they were “at home.”

Someone might have told him that so many of us “backwoods home” folks DO keep guns at home for protection, because self-protection is already there and “official protection” takes time to arrive.

At Ft. Hood it took some three minutes.

A long-declared jihad has made American soldiers stalking victims. They have a right to be able to protect themselves any time, anywhere, just like the unarmed citizens they serve to protect.

My advice is to carry wherever common sense and the law permit and to watch your back for whack jobs and true believers!

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