Saturday, November 07, 2009

Heart Burn !!!

I can imagine nothing more horrible than to return from the hellish meat-grinder of the Sandbox only to fall before the terrorist next door, one of our own.

God, to say that our hearts go out to the fallen at Ft. Hood is such empty comfort, such shallow words! And yet there is so little else we can do, aid we can render.

Some thoughts, while our hearts bleed:

1) The international terrorist conspiracy doesn't issue membership cards, and you don't have to fill out an application to join. All you have to do is be willing to kill the infidel...that would be us.

2) Yes, the shooter was "crazy," but let's be honest a war that encourages young women to strap on suicide vests and kill civilian children, then calls those said women "soldiers," crazy has lost a lot of its original meaning.

3) As I watched CNN this AM, I saw General Cone simpering from the lectern about 'We don't go armed around here, this is our home,' which caused me to look at the loaded pistol on the nightstand in bafflement. The military elected to disarm a roomful of shooters, the best of us — how'd that work out?

Gun-free zones kill people!

4) Never, never, never forget that your safety is on you and you alone, every day, every moment of the day, in your workplace, in your home, in the places you think are the safest.

And never, never. never forget that the enemy is among us.

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