Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ripped from the Headlines....

A "small" number of backup tapes with records detailing the financial information of government employees were lost in shipment to a backup center, Bank of America said on Friday.
The tapes contained information on the customers and accounts of the U.S. government's SmartPay charge card program, which has more than 2.1 million members and annual transactions totaling more than $21 billion, according to the General Services Administration. Reports have pegged the number of cards affected at 1.2 million.
"Federal law enforcement officials were immediately engaged when the tapes were discovered missing, and subsequently conducted a thorough investigation into the matter, working closely with Bank of America," the bank said in a statement. "The investigation to date has found no evidence to suggest the tapes or their content have been accessed or misused, and the tapes are now presumed lost."
Lost? Lost??
Lost is what happens to your car keys, lost is what happens to your pet, lost is what happens to a $1 dollar bill...lost is not what happens to 2.1 million members personal financial data from one of the largest banks in the world. Lost?

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