Sunday, January 09, 2005

Going Up???

Since I work in a 13 story building, I began watching the people in the elevators with me...

Why is it that no one talks in elevators? It doesn't matter if there's two or twenty people crammed in that tiny tight space, it seems like the elevator ride is almost always a silent experience, save the occasional sniffling, ruffling of papers, or coughing of the riders.

Is it that people are secretly white-knuckled and afraid to talk, worried that the weight of their words might send the elevator (and its inhabitants) plummeting violently towards their demise?

Is it the lack of visual stimulation necessary to spark a conversation? Gee whiz! Would ya look at the way them numbers light up?

I remember watching an Oprah show (or was it Dr. Phil?) once where they talked about manners and general ettiquette. It's just simple good manners to say "goodmorning" or "hello" when you step into a closed public space or come across strangers. Smile at the very least.

But hey, acknowledge someone else's presence - how hard is that?

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