Wednesday, December 29, 2010


What is needed is a 21st Century version of the 1932 Bonus Marchers, to include vets returning from Iraq/Afghanistan who cannot find jobs as well as unemployed civilians. Probably 99% of Americans have never heard of this incident!

Our country, our freedoms, our future has been sold to the highest bidders on Wall Street and in China. We are no longer governed by statesmen or even politicians but elected corporate handlers.

We have run out of time as a country and a people, to reclaim our country, our freedoms and our future. Brute force seems to be the only way because elections are meaningless when both parties represent the same thing: serfdom! Letters and emails to our corporate handlers result in form letter responses. They are out of touch with working Americans but not with the perks and bribes associated with their offices.

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TinCan Assassin said...

Dude, the Bonus Army was routed by Regular Army troops under the command of Dugout Doug. Bad example.