Friday, June 25, 2010

General McChrystal was right!!!

Let's face it,
when you report to a cast of clowns, none of which have ever carried a weapon or fired a shot in anger, their ineptitude is galling to most warriors.

When you are fighting an insane war in a region that in no way can be termed a "country" -  but a series of disconnected tribes, it can be galling to be shot at and in most cases you can't shoot back.

When you are reporting to a cast of clowns that have never run anything in their life but lived mostly in academia and off the largesse of the taxpayer, it can be galling at best.

When you are reporting to a self described Messiah who was a community organizer, has broken every promise he made while running for president, has screwed up and muddled up every facet of America today in his regency from healthcare, to the financial industry, to the automobile industry, to Afghanistan, to the oil spill in Louisiana, to the so called job creation mantra, and to the foreign relations area where our prestige in the world has plummeted in the very countries where he went on his apology for America tours, it can be galling.

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