Thursday, May 27, 2010

Never a Boring Moment...

We've been having problems with the natural curiosity of the critters in the backyard.

I called and called and called the city’s animal control unit about the raccoons invading my patio and destroying everything they got their hands on.

 After going through an interminable phone tree designed to discourage all but the most determined caller from ever talking to a city employee, I finally reached a live human being.

“Good morning, Sir,” she said, “How may I serve you? What is the nature of your complaint”?

“A passel of raccoons have been destroying my patio and ripping the lower branches off the trees,” I said, “Would you please send an animal control officer out to trap them and haul them off”.

“Sir, Our department does not deal with wild animals. We only pick up dogs and cats. For a raccoon, you have to hire a state licensed private trapper to come on your property to capture the animal. And you must pay him at your own expense”.

“I’d like to change my request,” I said.

“How do you wish to change it, Sir”?

I said, “There’s this really ugly cat that’s been destroying…”

She cracked up laughing.

I still had to get the Mossberg 12ga out and take care of it myself...

hmmm...pump or autoloader????

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