Friday, January 08, 2010

Just what is a FELON anyways?

In my personal opinion, a felony is a crime so heinous it generally results in the possibility of the death penalty or life in prison. in prison...
Someone who commits a felony should be considered dangerous to society at large, and, for example, dealing in cat pelts doesn't quite rise to that level, yet it's a felony here in my home state.

Instead, we've declared writing a bad check for over $500 to be a felony. It's a crime, no doubt, but not one where someone should be punished for the rest of their lives.

The fact that you can have your right to vote restored, but not your Second Amendment rights without going through a near impossible dog and pony show.

I can hear some people now. "are you saying you want to give felons guns????". No, they can buy their own.

What I’m saying is this, and it’s a pretty easy concept to explain...

If you are such a danger to society that simply being in a home with a firearm is a crime, you should not be out loose in society.


We release people from jail because we consider them to no longer be a threat to those around them. If they are a threat, why are they out in the first place???

Gun control is closing the barn doors well after the horses have all hightailed it out of Dodge.

Attempting to ensure dangerous people don’t do dangerous things by making laws that they can’t be near a single, dangerous item is idiocy and madness rolled up in one.

Let’s look at all the other deadly things felons are legally allowed to do

Purchase cutlery
Obtain large quantities of flammable liquids as well as fire instigation devices
Take martial arts classes
Meander through public with their hands unbound
Operate a deadly assault vehicle
Maintain access to a vast array of chemical agents

Now, if 'giving felons guns' was such a dangerous concept, why would we still allow them the ability to cause harm and mayhem with the preceding list?

In summary, we're too fast and loose with the term felony and if a person is a danger to society, they shouldn't be in society.

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