Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Where's Ronald ?

I remember a time when "Right was right and Wrong was wrong". I remember when people were proud to say, "I'm an American" and didn't travel around the globe apologizing to tin pot dictators.

When we defeated enemies we didn't occupy their lands, we actually helped them to rebuild.

When the French gave up, "We" built the Panama Canal. Then I remember another "dismal" president giving it away. During this same presidents tenure, we were laughed at so hard by other rouge states that they destroyed our embassy and took our diplomats hostage.

The world consists of predators. It doesn't matter if they are punks on a city street or an insane nation. The only thing that these predators respect is power. The muzzle of a gun or an aircraft carrier battle group, it all comes down to power.

Funny, the day Ronald Reagan took office, was the day the bastards freed our hostages. Funny how under Reagan and capitalism, the Warsaw pact, and the Berlin Wall crumbled. It was funny how those of us serving in the military stood a little taller and the flag waved a bit prouder.

This great man is gone, but what bothers me the most is that the two bit, good for nothing, piece of crap "peanut farmer" is still running around shooting off his mouth. I know why they trotted this worthless bastard out, he's the only thing that makes "this" administration look good.

Mr. Reagan, I miss you sir. How I wish you were here when we need you.

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