Saturday, August 18, 2007

Why Me???

I like sitting down to blog...

I like that freedom.

When I start a post I have no idea where I'm headed.
I like that freedom.
I do write a lot...outlines and plans...strategies and policies.
But blog writing is like going off for a walk with no predetermined finish time or route, sometimes the walk is through the fileds, sometimes along the streets.

The typing: different from what I might write with a pencil...and yes I do still use the pencil. The typing taps in to something in my brain. I think my best writing comes when I am not thinking. It's just writing. Or at least that's the way I look at it.

I rarely reread my posts. Hence the number of typos and errors. But for me, that's okay.
I'm not the most anal person in the world. But it's very much what I look for elsewhere.
The flaw.
The scar.
The fingerprint.
The weirded-out turn of a phrase.
Something close to the hearth where the meat burns ina instant and leaves your face all warm for a bit.
I like reading something I've written and thinking 'geez who wrote that?

And the best part about blogging is that I always find someone else who sums it all up - whatever it is - better than I ever could.

It saves me the bother.

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