Monday, February 12, 2007

Political Correctness Kills...

When former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the infamy of Sept. 11 a "wake-up call from hell," he meant just that. His characterization demands repeating again – and again – because worse than Sept. 11 will happen unless we heed the call.
I am not so sure the commissars of political correctness, who so dominates our media, our government bureaucracies and other institutions, are willing to unshackle the will of the American people and allow us to destroy the terrorists and the nations that back them.
President Bush has done a remarkable job – especially in light of the hand he inherited from the previous administration. It is also important to remember that a hidden problem for the Bush administration is that the U.S. government, including our Pentagon, CIA and other agencies, is still largely run by appointees of Clinton-Gore or the career military and bureaucrats Clinton-Gore promoted through the ranks.
The same people who left us vulnerable to the acts of Sept. 11 are now claiming they will solve our future problems.
I believe long-term good will come out of this catastrophe only if we learn from the events of Sept. 11, hold accountable the people in our government who failed us, and make necessary reforms.
If we do not do this, it is doubtful we will exist as a great nation 10 years hence.
We should also heed the Roman statesman Cicero, who remarked that great nations are destroyed not from the barbarians outside but from the civilized people within.
The logic of this is simple: There will always be barbarians outside the gates. It is up to us to have the character and strength and will to defend against them.
Before Sept. 11, P.C. thinking taught us that nothing we do matters; character didn't count. It was the Age of Clinton. After Sept. 11, the overriding lesson is that everything we do counts; character does matter.
Even the liberal Boston Globe recognized this.
Breaking from the P.C. crowd, it reported that Clinton's sexcapades and scandals detracted from his ability to focus on hunting down Osama bin Laden.
That story got almost zero national press coverage.

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