Saturday, December 02, 2006

I have a thing about the New Orleans gun confiscations...

I think all of us have been pretty unhappy about that happening.

But what I am unhappy about is how easily they did it.

How easily it was to disarm a whole population. Door to door confiscations went too smoothly... it worked. All they did was go door to door and they took all the guns.

Easy as pie.

That is what concerns me the most.

That is what troubled me the most.

Almost complete lack of resistance - other than some yelling and cussing.


I would rather have seen a rolling street battle, but you know, I don't think that would happen.

Most gun owners would, like in New Orleans, just roll over.

You ask yourself this... Would you roll over? Or would you stand and fight?

Just ask yourself that.

One day there is going to come a pounding on your door, and your are going to have to have your answer ready.

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